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Mobile cranes



Modern crane fleet which consists of cranes with 220t of maximum lift and boom length up to 105,2 meters.

The Fleet consists of mobile cranes situated in Tartu and Tallinn. We provide our services all over Estonia. Because of our long-time operation and experience we can manage with the most difficult projects.
We will advise you all throughout the project and choosing the most suitable crane.


We provide regular and special carriages. Also oversized, heavy and technically difficult carriages. Maximum load capacity of our trucks is 36.9t and maximum lift is up to 2.5t - 18m . The service is provided by a professional team and well-trained operators.


Our priority is to offer quality service with reasonable price.

The maximum load capacity of our trailers is up to 36,9 tonnes and maximum platform length is up to 19,6 meters. We also do oversized loads and Wheel machinery carriages.


and credibility

Kint Logistics OÜ is a company which provides crane rental, trucking and other logistical services. Our company was founded in 2009 and it bases on Estonian capital.

Our fleet is modern and versatile and consists of 8 different cranes and 4 different trucks and trailers. We operate in Tallinn and Tartu area, but our cranes move everywhere in Estonia when needed.

Our services: crane rental, lift truck rental, transport service, trailer rent, special projects and counseling