Mobile cranes

Regularly updated and modern crane fleet which consists of cranes with maximum lift up to 110 tonnes and boom lenght up to 52,0 meters.

Our fleet consists of cranes from world leading manufacturers and will handle almost all biggest lifting jobs.

Faun ATF110G-5

Boom: 52,0m (+16,2m)
Lifting capacity: 110,0t
Lifting plan



Grove GMK 4075

Boom: 43,2m
Lifting capacity: 80,0t
Lifting plan

Faun ATF 60-4

Boom: 40,0m (+16m)
Lifting capacity: 60,0t
Lifting plan

Liebherr LTM 1055-1

Boom: 40,0m (+16m)
Lifting capacity: 50,0t / 60,0t
Lifting plan

Liebherr LTM 1045-3.1

Boom: 34,0m (+16m)
Lifting capacity: 45,0t
Lifting plan

PPM ATT400/2 (4x4x4)

Boom: 30,4m (+15m)
Lifting capacity: 30,0t
Lifting plan

PPM ATT400 (4x4x4)

Boom: 30,4m (+15m)
Lifting capacity: 30,0t
Lifting plan


We offer complete logistical service. We do regular carriages, oversized and heavy loads and technically difficult carriages. Maximum load capacity of our trucks is up to 13,1 tonnes.

Volvo FH12 + Palfinger PK66000

Boom height: 21,4m (+jib 4,5m)
Lifting capacity: 18,0m (22,5m) – 2,5t (2,0t)

Max. load: 12,0t
Axle: 8×2
Trailer: 10,2 x 2,55
Lifting plan

Scania R420 + Hiab 477

Boom height: 21,4m
Lifting capacity: 18,7m – 1,6t
Max. load: 17,0t
Axle: 6×4
Trailer: 10,7 (+1,50) x 2,55
Lifting plan

MAN TGA 350 + Palfinger PK23002

Boom height: 15,0m (+jib 8,0m)

Lifting capacity: 12,0m (23,0m) – 1,5t (0,4t)
Max. load: 12,0t
Axle: 6×2*4
Box: 6,30 x 2,50
Lifting plan

Volvo FH440

Max. load: 36.9 t
Platform lenght: 13.2m – 19.6m
Height from ground: 0.9m
Axle: 4×2


Our priority is to offer quality service with reasonable price.

The maximum load capacity of our trailers isu p to 36,9 tonnes and maximum platform lenght is up to 19,6 meters. We also do oversized loads and Wheel machinery carriages


Max. load: 36,9t
Platform lenght: 13.2m up to 19.6m
Height from ground: 0.9m
Oversized loads or wheel machinery carriage!