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Kint Logistics OÜ services:

  • crane rent (35-80t);
  • truck mounted loader cranes (12-23m);
  • oversized cargo;
  • heavy load trailers;
  • strandard trailers (10-13,7m);
  • tipper;
  • consultations for complicated projects.

OÜ Kint Logistics - company with a wide range of experience. We provide our services in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden. Due to our full control of the whole process from the very first step until the end and efficiency optimization we can provide our partners with effective, fast and reliable services. We always try to find the best solution for every partner.

We can offer you as our partner:

  • Full investigation of your needs with our possibilities;
  • Modern trucks, cranes and trailers;
  • Professional workers who is not going to waste your time and resources;
  • New level of partnership where you are confident about tomorrow.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in any case. There is no small needs for all our costumers.

Best Regards,

Kint Logistics OÜ